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UFE Upgrade - Athens/GR - June 14, 2019

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Product Description

·         Private meeting with band members.

·         A very special item from the band: an electric guitar numbered & autographed by MANOWAR.

·         Individual photo with MANOWAR, taken by our official photographer, right before the show.

·         UFE group photo on stage, in front of the audience.

·         Behind-the-scenes, technical sneak peek into the show preparation.

·         Complementary Admission For Two to One Date on Joey DeMaio’s Spoken Word Tour “The Blood Of The Kings”

·         Personal phone call from MANOWAR band member

·         Limited edition autographed souvenir, signed by the band.

·         €200 voucher from thekingdomofsteel.eu

·         Money can’t buy reward - unique item used on stage, with certificate of authenticity. 

·         Guaranteed seat in an area with preferred view of the stage.

·         Vouchers for 2 drinks.

·         25% discount on merchandise from the MANOWAR merchandise booth.

·         On site, Ultimate Fan Host guiding you in person through all the unique experiences offered.

·         Collectible exclusive laminate with lanyard.

·         Exclusive parking spot for 1 passenger vehicle (where available).





ULTIMATE FAN EXPERIENCE (“UFE”) holders (sometimes referred to herein as “you”) will be contacted via email no later than 1 day before the respective show date with details about our Ultimate Fan Experience elements and how to proceed on the day of the show. Updates may be provided throughout the show day. UFE Holders must check their cellphones and email accounts regularly. 

No later than 1 day before the MANOWAR show, UFE Upgrade Holders must provide a cellphone number (including country code) under which they will be reachable on the day of the show and a recent photo of themselves to facilitate identification by the UFE Host upon pick up for the UFE activities. If the cellphone number and/or email address you provide is invalid or incomplete (i.e. cellphone number doesn’t include a country code) it may be impossible to reach you for one, more or all components of your Ultimate Fan Experience. This situation will not entitle you to any refund or compensation. 

On show day, you must position yourself at the spot (or separate entrance where available) that is marked ‘UFE Meeting Point ' or at the spot indicated by email.  


On show day, you must have with you:


- Your Kingdom Of Steel Order Confirmation for the purchase of your UFE (preferably printed out) and;

-  A valid photo ID (passport, national ID, driver’s license) for you and/or any anyone included in your order.

In case any of the  two elements are missing, we will not be able to verify the validity of your purchase and/or your identity, which may result in your exclusion from the Ultimate Fan Experience.

 At the time of your purchase you must mention in the “Other Instructions/Comments” section on your order the following info:

-  A valid phone number, including country code, where you can be reached for your Personal Phone Call from a member of MANOWAR. Additional information such as days of the week and times when you’re usually available to answer your phone is also helpful (when providing times, don’t forget to mention which time zone you’re referring to).

-  The name to which you wish your guitar personalized, if it differs from the name on your order. Autographs will be personalized solely to name of a person (i.e. no businesses, no clubs, no brands, no teams);

-  Your car’s license plate if you come to a venue where exclusive VIP parking is available.

-  If you are buying the UFE Upgrade as a gift to someone, please make sure to include this information, as well as any other details you find relevant, in the “Other Instructions/Comments” section.

You will be informed on show day if the venue of your choice has a VIP parking spot and/or separate UFE entrance.

At all times you are solely responsible for the storage of your personal belongings, including the items you receive as part of your Ultimate Fan Experience and items purchased at the merchandise stand. Storage facilities cannot be provided as part of the Ultimate Fan Experience, and our crew, including the merchandise team, can NOT hold items for you. If you relinquish personal items, including items received as part of your Ultimate Fan Experience, you do so at your own risk.





Meeting With The Band:

You will be informed about the exact time of your meeting with band member(s) on show day through the email and/or phone number you have provided. Band members for this experience may vary per show, and are not subject to personal preference. Any devices you may have which are capable of taking photos, recording video and/or audio MUST NOT be used. Non-compliance may lead to your exclusion from the Ultimate Fan Experience.


Electric Guitar, Numbered And Autographed By MANOWAR:

Your Numbered and Autographed Electric Guitar will be handed to you on show day. Model may vary from show to show.


Complementary Admission to One Date on Joey DeMaio’s Spoken Word Tour “The Blood Of The Kings” (formerly referred to as “Secret Event”)

As part of your UFE, you plus a guest of your choice will be entitled to complimentary admission at any one of Joey DeMaio’s “The Blood Of The Kings” Spoken Word Tour dates. For more information on the tour, please visit: http://manowar.com/?p=3446. Admission to the event is non-transferable and will be issued in the format of “You + 1 Guest”. You must inform the UFE Team which one of the advertised dates you’d like to attend, not later than 7 calendar days prior to the actual performance date. No actual admission ticket will be provided, instead, your and your guest’s names will be added to that evening’s Guest List. On the evening of the event, in order to gain admission, you must inform the local box office staff that you are in the Guest List and present a valid government-issued photo ID (i.e. passport, national ID, driver’s license) to confirm your identity. We will not be held responsible, nor will you be entitled to any compensation or refund if for any reasons you (and/or your guest) fail to be present at the event of your choice. Expenses and arrangements for your participation in the event are not covered by your Ultimate Fan Experience and fall solely under your responsibility.


Guaranteed Seat:

Each UFE Holder is guaranteed one seat in in an area with preferred view of the stage.

Should you decide to abandon your seat at any time or decide not to utilize it at all, you may freely position yourself at any available spot of your choice within the area that your 3 Day Pass permits. You can however return to your seat at any time. Guaranteed UFE Seats, like all other components of the Ultimate Fan Experience are exclusively reserved for UFE Holders and cannot be transferred. Any spot that is not your originally assigned and guaranteed UFE Seat cannot be guaranteed or held by us.


Photo Ops: 

Photo #1: The individual photo with MANOWAR will take place immediately before the band takes the stage. When you are escorted to the location where you will meet the band members and have your photo taken with them by our official photographer, any devices in your possession that are capable of taking photos, recording video and/or audio should be turned off. Non-compliance may lead to your exclusion from the Ultimate Fan Experience.

Photo #2: The photo taken on stage, in front of the audience is a group photo for all UFE Holders. (Band does not participate).

As soon as possible following the show you visited, you will receive by email your photo with the band and the group photo.

You must remain in your seat between the end of your Behind The Scenes Experience and pick up by the UFE Host for the photo ops, if you wish to participate in them. We will not be held responsible, nor will you be entitled to any compensation or refund, if you are not found in your seat at the time the UFE Host comes to pick you up for the photo op.


Behind The Scenes Experience:

Your Behind The Scenes experience is a guided tour conducted by our experienced crew who will share with you insights into the trademark MANOWAR sound, the show’s video elements, the massive stage production and other interesting facts and details. Any devices in your possession that are capable of taking photos, recording video and/or audio should be stored in your pocket or purse. Non-compliance may lead to your exclusion from the Ultimate Fan Experience.


Personal Phone Call From MANOWAR Band Member:

One of the MANOWAR members will contact you on the phone number registered with your order, at a time and date established in cooperation with our UFE department. No more than two scheduled attempts will be made.

The band member that places your personal call is determined randomly and cannot be influenced by your personal preference.    


Please note:

-  The call will be placed from an unfamiliar or restricted number

-  If for whatever consideration you miss the first scheduled call, another appointment will be made for one final attempt.


If the phone number you provide is not valid, or it is incomplete (i.e. doesn’t include a country code) it will not be possible to reach you for this component of your Ultimate Fan Experience. This situation will not entitle you to any refund or compensation.  Nor will your repeated failure to pick up the calls.


Autographed Commemorative Souvenirs

Autographed commemorative souvenirs will be signed by the band, in advance. The signed souvenir will be handed to you on show day. Your UFE DOES NOT feature the possibility of bringing your own items to be signed.


25% Merchandise Discount Voucher

As part of your Ultimate Fan Experience, you will receive a 25% discount on official MANOWAR merchandise sold by the Kingdom Of Steel merchandise team in the venue. Please note that:

-          The voucher is only valid for the day of the show 

-          The discount is limited to 1 transaction per UFE Upgrade Holder 

-          Only household quantities (maximum 2 pieces of each item) will be sold. 

-          The merchandise booth is cash only

The merchandise selection may vary from show to show. The Kingdom Of Steel cannot guarantee the availability of certain items or sizes.


Hospitality Vouchers

Hospitality vouchers entitle you to two drinks of choice, from a selection of beer*, wine* and soft drinks.
(* Providing you are of legal drinking age in the country of the show). Vouchers are only valid for the day of the show and must be redeemed at the bar of the venue (unless otherwise advised by the UFE Host), during the bar’s normal operating hours that evening.


200 € Voucher For The Kingdom Of Steel (EU)

Your 200.00 € (Two Hundred Euros) voucher for The Kingdom of Steel (EU) will be issued to the email address registered with your order, shortly after your order is placed and confirmed by our Sales Team. The voucher will be valid for 6 months from the date of issue and will be suitable for one use only, solely in the store where it has been created (The Kingdom of Steel EU: www.thekingdomofsteel.eu). The voucher cannot be used for the purchase of a new Ultimate Fan Upgrade and cannot be cumulated with other promotions. If a person holds more than one voucher, such vouchers may only be redeemed one voucher at a time and cannot be combined/redeemed in a single transaction.

The voucher may be redeemed on the purchase price of products only and cannot be used towards the payment of any taxes, shipping/handling charges, or other fees and charges.


Collectible Laminates

Collectible laminates are commemorative, souvenir items. They do not authorize access into the venue or backstage areas.


Money Can’t Buy Reward

Your Money Can’t Buy Reward is an item used on stage and it comes accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. It is handed at the end of the show, at the customer’s reserved seat at the UFE Riser.

Inquiries about your Ultimate Fan Experience Upgrade can be directed to: ultimatefan@magiccirclemusic.com.



Each Ultimate Fan Experience is valid for one person, i.e. only the Upgrade holder can participate in the UFE activities. 

Online sales for Ultimate Fan Experience Upgrades are closed 2 days before each show date. 

Warrior Reward Points acquired through the Valhalla loyalty program cannot be redeemed on the purchase of Ultimate Fan Experience Upgrades.

Your cellphone or any other device capable of taking photos or videos must be stored away, for example in your pocket or purse, throughout the whole Experience, with all recording features turned OFF. Failure to comply is grounds for exclusion from the UFE program.

All Ultimate Fan Experiences are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERRABLE. NO REFUNDS will be given under any circumstances, EXCEPT in the case of concert/entire program cancellation. 
If a concert/program must be rescheduled, your Ultimate Fan Experience Upgrade will remain valid for the rescheduled event, unless you are otherwise informed and offered a refund.
NO NAME CHANGES will be permitted under any circumstances. MAGIC CIRCLE ENTERTAINMENT and its affiliates, reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice. 

By ordering this product you are deemed to have reviewed, read and accepted these Terms and Conditions, and you confirm to be of legal age in the country where the show you’re visiting is held, on the day of the show. 


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